Mobile messaging can help detailers drive sales, increase margins, and strengthen customer loyalty.

Use mobile messaging to optimize location-based campaigns, engage customers with contests and promotions, expand customer databases, promote point-of-sale coupon usage, improve customer service, and keep loyal customers up-to-speed with your latest sales.


Full unicode support allows you to send messages in
any language. Binary encoded messages are also supported.


Send and receive messages. Power applications that require you to receive message.


Concatenated text messages allow more than 160 characters to be sent.

What are the strengths of SMS marketing?
- Alerts
- Event interactions
- Event messaging
- In-store promotions
- Mobile marketing opt-ins
- Personal interactiont
Automate Sending with our own server
SMS Marketing

(Short Message Service) An effective personal mobile channel used throughout the world that contains up to 250 characters in content.

Send to all network in Cambodia only  
US$ 0.033/sms
Sending messages with an aim to offer businesses a cost-effective channel that can bring communication too easy with their customers. With the state-of-art API that can even integrate with any leading CRM in the world.

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