Our experts offer amazing concepts and our team present it into reality. We have earned several valuable contracts in the past and the clients enjoyed working with us. We have worked in fashion show events all over CAMBODIA

Product Launches

Launching a new product, premises or service must be done in a way that reflects your brand accurately and in the way you want it to be seen. Your launch event is a key element in achieving this.

If your company wants to launch a product in the market. So how should it get to its customers? How does the company make sure that the products gain awareness? The feel and touch reasoning still remains strong in the mind of the consumer.

We work with a range of consumer-targeted and corporate clients to help them put on the perfect event to achieve their goals. We can assist with the provision of:

    · Custom set design to reinforce your brand image or message
    · Lighting to create the right atmosphere, anticipation or energy at the event
    · Printed graphics for displaying brand imagery and messages

Outdoor Event

Planning an outdoor event can be a daunting prospect for even the most seasoned professional, having the capacity to promote your company or brand to its full potential in an outdoor environment.

Outdoor event services are here to help, we are able to supply everything from a luxury trailer, marquee's and tents, to furniture, parasols, and branded staff wear, in fact everything required to host or participate in any outdoor event.

which combines stunning good looks and great facilities, so much so, you will even look forward to doing your next event. Featuring a beautifully upholstered meet and greet lounge area, a full service kitchen, office area and full toilet/shower facilities. The unit will be sure to impress even your most discerning customers.

Private event

We are extremely delighted in your interest in our services to Private Event Spaces. In our services, we will help you find the perfect private event space. We are dedicated to providing you the best private event venue possible.

Alternatively you may be looking to add drama and elegance to your Event setting with the use of creative drapery and lighting.  Strategic use of light and colour can make a substantial difference to the overall feel and atmosphere of your Event. The Creative Team will work with you to create a stunning look to even the simplest of venues. Chillout areas are also a speciality of ours.

Besides providing you a private event venue, we also provide a personal event planner on-site if you desire to use one. Our event planner is familiar with our venues and is here to guide you from developing concepts to coordinating every single detail of your party. We want to provide you the best experience and most importantly, all for an affordable price!


Exhibition Services specialise in the production of custom modular exhibition stands and displays providing our clients with design, project management, build and installation services

Additional services include the sale and hire of quality display systems, as well as equipment transport, storage and maintenance.

We can provide support services including:

    · Specialist rigging
    · Custom structure design and build
    · Daylight lighting to bring out the detail of the stand
    · Plasma and video screens
    · Sound and other technical support

Special Projects

The Special Projects Team have an extensive skill set and the facilities to design, build, test and deliver on even the most obscure engineering briefs. We have access to a variety of specialist technical engineering consultants.

If you have an unusual requirement that may require some custom design, please do get in touch. Nothing is too complex for us and we love the challenge of creating something new.

Locations utilised by LexSurf include:

Our event management firm work in the following meticulous manner:

   ·  We analyze our client's aim to conduct event.
   ·  A detailed and professional outlay(consists of venue, arrangements, cost , contract terms etc.) is drafted.
   ·  The drafted outlay of programme is discussed and explained to client.
   ·  After the approval of the plan by client, the best competitive prices are offered.
   ·  Once, mutual agreement is met, our conference plan is implemented.
   ·  Our on site team minds each and every event detail with fiscal responsibility.
   ·   All the detailed minutes are communicated to client well in time.
   ·   A review of complete event is done for convenience of clients.

Rececourses, Major BR Stations, Marinas, Shopping Centres, Hotelst, Local Council Parks, Outdoor Shows, Stately Homes,  Theatres, Golf Courses, Football Stadiums

    · Bespoke Event Management    · Corporate Hospitality    · Private Parties & Celebratiions    · Concert Promotion    · Product Sampling
    · Product Roadshows    · Management and administration    · Marketing Promotion and advertising    · Transportation /set-up    · Box Office Management    · Design / Graphic art

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