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Edit Texts and Images by yourself no need IT knowledge.

    · Free training how to edit image and text.
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    · No need program to study.
    · Change everything everytime.
    · Your site be your own boss.
LexSurf Web Services creates affordable custom or templated Mobile Responsive Designs for businesses from starter websites to complex websites, such as e-commerce. No matter what your needs, or budget, we have a solution for you! We have the resources for planning, designing and building your new website step by step. We take the time to get to know your business and customers so we can reflect those qualities in your site’s design and navigation. Our extensive template portfolio offers you several layout options as well as custom builds.
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79$ include Web design + Domain + Hosting
Mobile Responsive Web - Accessible AnywhereNeed a website?  Most businesses want and need to focus on running their company, not on trying to become an Internet expert. Realistically, in today’s market businesses must have a website to compete and not just any website. Current trends indicate that by mobile internet users are outnumbering desktop internet users. This means the opportunity for online business will take place on phones and tablet devices more frequently than ever before. Google is responding to the need by changing their algorithms to give more emphasis to mobile friendly websites in their search engine results. To meet the online viewing of your intended audience, your website needs to be viewable on any device and from any location.
If you already have a website, try our Mobile Responsive Tester or Google’s Mobile Friendly Test to view how your website appears on various sized phones and tablets.
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Search Engine Optimization

Everybody wants to be on top. How is it done? SEO - Search Engine Optimization - is one of the great mysteries of the Internet. For most, SEO is like the Bermuda Triangle. You enter, but do you ever come out? See what Pallasart can do to make search engines work for you.
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